Mary Grazing the Horses in the Wallowas
baby crying in her father's arms
Bride and Groom with Sparklers
baby crying in her father's arms
content baby
brother and sister at the park
Breakfast on the Minam River
Pete's Frostbit Ear
George Lawrence Saddle circa 1930
Mary's Hands during the Summer Season
6 am at the cabin : Mary and Nora make plans for the day's ride
Mary Grazing the Horses in the Wallowas
Mary and Nora folding the Mante Packs
Nora Tying a Mante Pack
Nora and Mary Balancing the Load
Nora Saddles Pete for the Day's Ride
Mary give Salt to the Horses
Mary Reaches the Trail with her Pack Line. She is a 4th generation horse outfitter in the Wallowa Mountains and her mother describes this as the moment when either "all hell will break loose or you're on your way"
LaToden's gas station.
Air LaToden at a bus-stop in Yako, Burkina Faso
My landlord with his wife and kids
House in LaToden that several of my students from out of town shared
The women of my courtyard repairing the mudbrick for the house the teenaged boys in the family shared
Several of the kids in my courtyard laughing
On International Women's Day the girls have their soccer game
One of my neighbors - I didn't know she was educated or could read until I saw her reading the bible in her kitchen during the mid-day sieste
Christmas hairstyles. This was the year I had my hair done too. After two days I had welts on my scalp and Pauline helped me cut them off.
Three of my neighbor kids - they woke me up at mid-day to show me the hats they made from candy wrappers.
Millet beignets cooked in shea butter at the LaToden market.
Pauline and a friend at the Dolo shop "You take the calebash or the Americans will think I drink Beer!"
Fatou doing a neighbor's hair
Zesus est le Saveur. This is by my friend Justine's house. She moved to the regional capital in part because she attended protestant church there.
A tradipractitioner's sign in Yako
Students learning to sew on International Women's Day.
A welder working on a door in Yako
My favorite canned goods shop in Yako. The kid at the counter had been a student at my school but had to drop out. He told me he was saving up to go back to middle school.
A kid selling Dabas and brooms in the LaToden market.
The one telephone in LaToden that usually worked. The girl who ran it used to go to my school but had to drop out.


I love weddings. It is truly an honor to be chosen to photograph a wedding.

Before choosing a photographer, I recommend viewing at least one full wedding as delivered to the clients so you have an idea of what the photographer will actually deliver. Please shop around - choosing a wedding photographer is very personal. I believe it's a matter of choosing the photographer who is the right fit for you as a couple.

I include an engagement session with all of my wedding packages - this can be an outdoor shoot at a park, a trip to the farmer's market, an outing at a favorite café... It's up to you. What I believe is important is to spend a little time getting used to the camera so that on your wedding day you are comfortable being with being photographed.


I like to meet with all wedding clients in person prior to booking. Skype is fine if you are out of town. Please contact me and we will go over your wedding plans and your photography wishes. To book me as the photographer for your wedding day, I require a signed contract and a 25% deposit.

My wedding packages start at $1000, and include an engagement session, online proofing, print credit, and a disk of all the best images in both color and black and white. For full pricing, please email me.


I'm very comfortable working with kids and babies. Above all, I believe photoshoots should be fun for kids - an unhappy kid usually doesn't look good in the photos!


I prefer to photograph newborns in the home. I can bring portable lighting equipment for a studio look, but I've found that babies are more comfortable and happier at home than anywhere else. We can always venture outside nearby if weather permits.


Young kids can be easily bored by the camera. For this reason, I like to include photographs of your kids at play. Family shoots can be in the home, a favorite park, or in the studio (bring activities!). Because this is Portland, I am happy to schedule contingent on weather. Bear in mind that the best weather for photography isn’t always a sunny day!


If your kid has a hobby, a favorite place, a favorite object, or clothing that's important to them, let's photograph that. It can go a long way in making the photoshoot process interesting for an older kid to involve them in the planning of the shoot. I'm happy to photograph older kids in the studio, the home, or outdoors.

For senior portraits, I'm happy to communicate directly with the student to plan the shoot.


My sitting fee for family photography is $150. For complete pricing, please email me.

Commercial Photography

Areas I have experience in:

Art Copywork
Political Campaigns
Food & Beverage
Shoes & Clothing
Farming & Outdoors

Pricing for commercial photography depends on usage. Please inquire for details.


I do event photography for galas, luncheons, birthday parties, performances and athletic competitions. Often the images are used to promoting future events on the company website and on facebook. Event photography is a great way to draw attendees back to your website after an event.

The more information I have about your event in advance, the better prepared I will be. We'll put together detailed shot list or photography "wish-list" that I can use as a guide. It's also very helpful if I can have a point-person to identify any VIPs during the event.


Event phography starts at $100/hour. Additional photographers, photobooths and equipment rental may add to the cost - please email me a description of your event for a proper bid.

I do a 25% discount for non-profit events and I am also open to a steeper discount in exchange for an equal value of promotion of my business.

Seen and Heard

Clients Include:

Organic Valley
Elk Cove Vineyards
Compass Media Group
4AD Records
Oregon Women Lawyers
Children's Cancer Association
Southwest Florida Community Foundation
The MIKE Program
Siker Medical Imaging
George Ramos Woodworking
The Wine Spirit Archive
The Chaboo Project
Howells Architecture and Design

Work has Appeared in:

Rolling Stone Magazine
Beer Advocate
The Wine Spectator
Portland Bride and Groom
Northwest Renovations


I discovered my love for photography in 2003 while sitting in my courtyard in Burkina Faso, West Africa, cursing the low battery life of a digital point and shoot. I was in a rural village with no electricity, and the batteries I could buy at the village market were too weak to turn on my cursed little camera. As a Peace Corps Volunteer, there was so much I wanted to document but I just didn't have the skills or the equipment...

So I took photography courses and workshops at PIMA, PNCA, PCC and Newspace. I apprenticed with some of the top commercial photographers in Portland. I honed my skills until I could call myself a professional photographer without hesitation.

As it turns out, I may have inherited a love for photography. Lois Campbell, my dad's mother, supported her family in Lincoln Nebraska during the Great Depression by working for Kodak. My maternal grandmother, Janice Merz, was never without her Pentax K1000 while studying the botany of the Hood River Valley.

What I love most about working as a photographer is making people happy. I want to produce the photos that truly represent your business, the photo of your child that will make you tear up when he's 20, the photos of your wedding that you will come back to on your anniversary. That is what drives me as a photographer.


PO Box 6941 Portland OR 97228

P / 503.914.9303

E /







Assisting other photographers has been an important part of my photography education. I still enjoy assisting when I have the time. I'm a member of ASMP and I have a profile in their "Find an Assistant" area of the website:


I have also work as a stylist, primarily working with food, uphostery, athletic wear and shoes.


$200/DAY (up to 10 hours assisting photographer or stylist)
$400/DAY second shooter/b-roll.
$400/DAY styling

Please enquire for further details.